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Currently we meet for 3 hours every Thursday night at 4:30 - 7:30pm at the Altoona Library - 1600 5th Avenue - Altoona, PA 16602 .

Come and play chess and variations - free! Boards and clocks are provided. Recently more players have been coming than we have boards for, so bringing your own sets and clocks is also good.
If you would like to come but transportation is your problem, just call 801-735-6600 and we can work something out.

There is usually instruction available up to mid-range tournament level for anyone (stronger than that? you teach us). Ranking ladder is always in progress.

Due to child safety concerns, it is required that children under 16 have a parent present.

And its all free!

Hosted by:
Don Hanes

Don Hanes

USCF Certified Tournament Director

Holds 3 state titles (class titles)

Played in 2 US OPEN tournaments

(Not nearly as impressive as it sounds.
I'm really an average tournament player.)

Last USCF rating = 1438
Highest USCF achieved = 1598 slow rating = 1725

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